I am a Persian bellydancer and artist, with drops of Azerbaijani and Egyptian in my blood. This combination, aside many other reasons, makes me passionate about some of the most beautiful dance forms in the world - oriental dances. Out of all the magickal dances of the Middle East, at the age of 15 I fell eternally in love with the spiritual, ancient and immortal art of bellydance. To this day that undying desire is growing. 


Other than the art of bellydance, I am passionate about photography (modelling/styling/editing), videography, singing and composing on my piano. I often collaborate with photographers, as a model, and combine my ideas with theirs. Each of these forms of art allows me to express myself in a different way and live life through a different perspective.


In 2007, I began mixing the delicate art of bellydance with the powerful music of the metal, rock and alternative genres. Roughly 3 years later, I started my YouTube channel in 2010 and began sharing my metal bellydance videos with the world. Through my love for both metal music and bellydance, I have had the pleasure of sharing the stage with some of the leading names in the industry, such as Moonspell, Epica, Orphaned Land and Ex Deo. 


In 2017, I took up a new project and a very special role as the vocalist of the progressive metal band AKHETH.