Greetings, world. 

Yesterday, our very first single "The Asylum" was released through a lyric video, marking it a very important day for all of us in Akheth. It was an especially important day for me, because it took me years to agree to step outside my comfort zone and join this project that Roberto was putting together. I always loved singing, but never imagined doing it seriously, in a band where there are true musicians, serious about their craft. 

It was also a unique day for myself, not only because of the many meanings being in this band holds for me, but also because January 26th was also the day that I posted my very first video to YouTube, back in 2011, which also happened to be a music-related video. 

Back then, in 2011, I had no idea what life had planned for me. I was simply being creative and sharing it on YouTube with almost no followers. I simply did it, with no overthinking or expectations, only focusing on being creative and finding an escape in the world of art, music and dance. 

In 2010, I was introduced to (symphonic) metal music and fell in love immediately. Prior to this, I didn't care about the metal or rock genre much. The first band I heard was Epica, and it was the song "Cry for the Moon". 

All these random little encounters and details connects everything, and makes Aketh that much more precious and magical for me, because we had the pleasure of having Mark Jansen from Epica sing alongside me on our single. We also have the very talented Jeroen Simons (former drummer of Epica) on the single. 

Writing this, I realize my emotions all over again. How inspired I am, and how much I cherish every single one of you who have been with me on my journey. 

Thank you all for everything. 

Much love,