Moonspell's 2015 album "Extinct", on the song "Medusalem".


- Moonspell's documentary "Road to Extinction".


- Ex Deo's official music video for "The Tiberius Cliff (Exile To Capri).

- The Sixth Chamber’s official music video for “Entrance to the Cold Waste”.


-Vsauce YouTube Show (Minute 2:36).





Interview with Rebel Circus.


Interview with Altvenger Magazine


Interview with Gothic and Amazing.


Interview with Lauren Vermillion. 


Interview with Metal Cani.  


Interview with Parkview.  


Interview with Daily Steampunk. 


Some of the Brands & Companies I Have Worked With



Dolls Kill

Shrine of Hollywood

Alchemy Gothic

Regal Rose

Hell Bunny

Pinky Paradise

Punk Rave

Burleska Corset

True Corset

El Costurero Real

The Gothic Shop


Malice Lingerie

Rogue + Wolf

Monarque Jewels

Shop Dixi

Vinyl Cosmetics

Rituel de Fille Cosmetics

Innokin Technology