New Art Video

Greetings, dear readers! 

I come with a new video. We recorded this one back in 2017, right before it got too cold to make dance videos outside. I decided to record this video to display the magical beauty of the wings mad by the brand Costurero Real. Their wings are gorgeous for photoshoots, but their magic truly comes to life when you move around with them. I will be collaborating again in 2018 with another style by them, so keep an eye out for another art when the time comes. 

Small fact: I normally don't like butterflies. I actually used to hate them. I think they are gorgeous, but if they fly around me, I usually tend to move away fast and try to get away from them. I always said that they're too obnoxious, flapping around like crazy little things. Haha
But nowadays I tend to like them more. I actually dream to visit a butterfly garden.