Upcoming Los Angeles Trips

Greetings, world! 

I'm so excited to announce that I will be in Los Angeles twice in the next few months! 

My first visit to LA will be on the 22nd of February, and my second visit will be in April.

My first LA trip will be for the Los Angeles Vampire Ball, where I will be performing. I will also be holding another Meet & Greet event. I talk about both events in the video below.



You can also visit the Meet & Greet Facebook event page for location and time information.

My second LA visit in April will be for 2 days only, but it will be filled with so many adventures alongside my good friend Avelina De Moray, who is a designer and artist that recently designed the official Mahafsoun handbag and wallet which is now on sale on her online shop. This will be my first time travelling outside Canada to meet and create content alongside a fellow artist. I'm so excited and looking forward to these adventures. We will be keeping you all updated about a possible meetup with both of us during my short stay in LA in April. 

I remember years ago when I kept saying in my video blogs, and every time someone asked me what my dream is... I used to say "I hope to be able to travel for Mahafsoun". And I'm here now, making this post, realizing that some of those dreams are coming to life in 2018. I'm so thankful to have you all in my life, pushing me forward with your positive energy. You inspire me. 

Much love,